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Total Recall — A Future of PIM

September 20, 2009


The people behind MyLifeBits project, Gordon Bell and Jim Gammel, just published a book ‘Total Recall’ on their effort of creating digitized version of their memory (e-Memory as they call it). Their main point is that most people can (and will) keep almost complete record of what they see, hear and experience and this will […]

CIKM 2009 Interesting Papers

September 7, 2009


Another coverage on CIKM 2009. Here are the list of papers that drew my attention, regarding structured document retrieval, query modeling and search personalization. I tried to link the PDF version of each paper  whenever possible. Among new topics, Characterizing and Predicting Search Engine Switching Behavior by Ryen White and Susan Dumais seemed most interesting, […]

CIKM 2009 Statistics of Titles and Institutions

September 3, 2009


CIKM 2009 (The 18th ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management) will be an interesting venue for combining researchers in DB, IR and KM fields. As a IR researcher whose interest spans over structured document retrieval and personal information(knowledge) management, this is possibly the most relevant conference. I got the following word statistics from paper […]

Book Review – Personal Information Management (1)

September 2, 2009


If you’re looking for a overview of current status of PIM research, the book titled ‘Personal Information Management’ by William Jones and Jaime Teevan is definitely the best (and maybe only) choice. I have known William Jones and his PIM research group in UW for a long time and they have pioneered the research efforts […]

Retrieval Experiments in Pseudo-desktop Collections

September 2, 2009


My paper ‘Retrieval Experiments in Pseudo-desktop Collections’ (co-authored with my advisor Bruce Croft) will be presented in CIKM2009. It is about a new model of desktop search research, where we introduced ‘pseudo-desktop’ — a simulated desktop collection composed of automatically gathered documents and generated queries. The method to validate generated collection is suggested as well. […]