CIKM 2009 Interesting Papers

Posted on September 7, 2009


Another coverage on CIKM 2009. Here are the list of papers that drew my attention, regarding structured document retrieval, query modeling and search personalization. I tried to link the PDF version of each paper  whenever possible.

Among new topics, Characterizing and Predicting Search Engine Switching Behavior by Ryen White and Susan Dumais seemed most interesting, which is a like sequel of Ryen’s earlier work Enhancing Web Search by Promoting Multiple Search Engine Use .

Structured Document Retrieval

A Framework for Semantic Link Discovery over Relational Data
Oktie Hassanzadeh (University of Toronto), Anastasios Kementsietsidis (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center), Lipyeow Lim (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center), Renee J. Miller (University of Toronto), Min Wang (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)

Effective XML Content and Structure Retrieval with Relevance Ranking
Xiping Liu (Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics), Changxuan Wan (Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics), Lei Chen (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Language-model-based Ranking for Queries on RDF-Graphs
Shady Elbassuoni (Max-Planck Institute for Informatics), Maya Ramanath (Max-Planck Institute for Informatics), Ralf Schenkel (Max-Planck Institute for Informatics), Marcin Sydow (Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology), Gerhard Weikum (Max-Planck Institute for Informatics)

Learning document aboutness from implicit user feedback and document structure
Deepa Paranjpe (Yahoo! Labs)

Query Modeling

Semi-Supervised Learning of Semantic Classes for Query Understanding — from the Web and for the Web
Ye-Yi Wang (Microsoft Corporation), Raphael Hoffmann (University of Washington), Xiao Li (Microsoft Corporation), Jakub Szymanski (Microsoft Corporation)

Product Query Classification
Dou Shen (Microsoft), Ying Li (Microsoft), Xiao Li (Microsoft Research), Dengyong Zhou (Microsoft Research)


Adaptive Relevance Feedback in Information Retrieval
Yuanhua Lv (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), ChengXiang Zhai (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

PQC: Personalized Query Classification
Bin Cao (The Hong Kong University of Science Technology), Jian-Tao Sun (Microsoft Research Asia), Evan Wei Xiang (The Hong Kong University of Science Technology), Derek Hao Hu (The Hong Kong University of Science Technology), Qiang Yang (The Hong Kong University of Science Technology), Zheng Chen (Microsoft Research Asia)

Personalized Social Search Based on the User’s Social Network
David Carmel (IBM Research Lab in Haifa), Naama Zwerdling (IBM Research Lab in Haifa), Ido Guy (IBM Research Lab in Haifa), Shila Ofek-Koifman (IBM Research Lab in Haifa), Nadav Har’el (IBM Research Lab in Haifa), Inbal Ronen (IBM Research Lab in Haifa), Erel Uziel (IBM Research Lab in Haifa), Sivan Yogev (IBM Research Lab in Haifa), Sergey Chernov (Leibniz University)

Novel Topics

Characterizing and Predicting Search Engine Switching Behavior
Ryen W White (Microsoft Research), Susan T Dumais (Microsoft Research)

Improving Search Engines Using Human Computation Games
Hao Ma (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Raman Chandrasekar (Microsoft Research), Chris Quirk (Microsoft Research), Abhishek Gupta (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Beyond Hyperlinks: Organizing Information Footprints in Search Logs to Support Effective Browsing
Xuanhui Wang (UIUC), Bin Tan (UIUC), Azadeh Shakery (University of Tehran), ChengXiang Zhai (UIUC)

Clustering and Exploring Search Results using Timeline Constructions
Omar Alonso (University of California, Davis), Michael Gertz (University of Heidelberg), Ricardo Baeza-Yates (Yahoo! Research)

Mashup-based Information Retrieval for Domain Experts
Anand Ranganathan (IBM TJ Watson Research Center), Anton Riabov (IBM TJ Watson Research Center), Octavian Udrea (IBM TJ Watson Research Center)


Usage Based Effectiveness Measures
Leif Azzopardi (University of Glasgow)

Expected Reciprocal Rank for Graded Relevance
Olivier Chapelle (Yahoo! Labs), Donald Metlzer (Yahoo! Labs), Ya Zhang (Yahoo! Labs), Pierre Grinspan (Google Inc)

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