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Issues on TREC Session Track

December 14, 2010


William Webber’s post on TREC Session Track got me thinking about what it means to evaluate a user’s session, or an interactive IR system in general. TREC Session track aims at extending the horizon of evaluation beyond the single query-response interaction, whose potential benefit is described in the following excerpt from the track overview paper: […]

Three Methods for Personal Information Access

December 9, 2010


Although many of previous literatures mostly focused single method for accessing personal information, the choice of access method can be different depending on user’s knowledge, preference, and many other factors.In this post, I intend to compare three access methods and think about how these can be combined in the single retrieval task. The three methods […]

Toward Repeatable Evaluation for PIM Research

December 2, 2010


It’s been a while since I started the research on PIM (personal information management), focusing on the retrieval of personal documents. The empirical verification of research finding is the holy grail of science in general and information retrieval in particular, however, evaluation of PIM research has been a challenging problem for several reasons. The Challenge […]