Seeking Summer Internship

Posted on January 3, 2011


I’m currently looking for summer internship position.

So far, I’ve mostly worked on the area of structured document retrieval and the retrieval of personal documents. Currently I’m preparing my thesis proposal whose main topic is combining different methods (keyword search, associative browsing and metadata-based filtering) for personal documents retrieval.

Last year, I had summer internship at MSR / Bing Search, working with Vitor Carvalho as mentor. My intern project was about analyzing and controlling the time-instability in web search results.  The first part of this work is published at ECIR’11 and the second part is currently under submission to the World Wide Web conference (WWW’11).

For this year’s internship, while continuing my efforts in information retrieval research, I aim to focus my attention to areas which involves a more close interaction with the user. This include personalized search, exploratory search, interactive IR and so on, which are typically referred to as Human-Computer Information Retrieval (HCIR). Depending on the project, I am also open to other problems regarding information retrieval and human-computer interaction.

You can visit my webpage to see my publications, CV and research statement. Please let me know if you have a relevant position or know someone who does. You can email me at jykim dot cs dot umass dot edu.

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