I’m Ph.D student in UMass Amherst Computer Science, working in CIIR with my advisor W. Bruce Croft on the intersection of information retrieval (IR) and personal information management (PIM) research. You can visit my academic homepage.

LiFiDeA Title WordPressThe term ‘LiFiDeA’ was coined by combining ‘Life’ and ‘Idea’, where Idea can stand for both the thoughts and Platonic utopia. This stands for my research goal of improving PIM to enable oneself to live a better life. The site image on the left side features the portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci, who is a man considered to have achieved as much as a man can. LiFiDeA also the name of prototype PIM system I created.

In this blog, I plan to post on IR and PIM research, yet oftentimes I’ll touch upon issues regarding productivity of knowledge workers, PIM prototype I’ve been working on, and so on.

I take photos, play tennis and hang out with friends. You can follow me on twitter.

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