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Daniel Rose about Product Search

November 10, 2011


We had Dan Rose from (search subsidy of as a visitor in CIIR today, who gave a talk titled ‘Lessons and Challenges from Product Search’. Throughout his talk, he listed the factors makes product search different from typical web search problem, how A9 approaches some of these issues, and future challenges. Here I […]

HCIR’11 — an eye-opening experience

October 25, 2011


HCIR’11 was like a great school to me. I always felt that a good 1-day workshop can be better than week-long conferences, yet this was a special opportunity for me who is trying to extend my horizon to more user-conscious part of IR research. Gary’s keynote was particularly enchanting, providing a good overview on HCIR […]

Keyword Search, Associative Browsing and Faceted Navigation

September 27, 2011


Keyword Search, Associative Browsing and Faceted Navigation are three major techniques of information access. Google provide search, browsing (find-similar links) and navigation (filtering by time and types), and there exists many domain-specific collections of structured data (e.g., Amazon, IMDB and Yelp!) which supports all three methods in different forms. In this post, I’ll compare these method, and consider ways to […]

FXPAL Paper on Exploratory Search

September 22, 2011


I read a paper from FXPAL on a new framework and system of exploratory search. It’s been months since I read it, yet I want make a connection with my recent work here. They characterize exploratory search as follows:  Exploratory search is often characterized by an evolving information need and the likelihood that the information […]

Beyond Total Capture: A Constructive Critique of Lifelogging

January 9, 2011


Beyond Total Capture: A Constructive Critique of Lifelogging is a CACM article on lifelogging where the authors surveyed current research on lifelogging and provided suggestions. I’ve been also interested in the idea of ubiquitous and automatic capturing of personal information since the Life-Optimization Project I did before joining UMass CIIR, so this was an interesting read for […]

Lessons from HCI Classics

January 6, 2011


Recently I’ve been reading what the HCI people I know called ‘classics’, including several titles such as: Things That Make Us Smart by Donald Norman The Humane Interface by Jef Raskin As an IR graduate student who have mostly known the world of retrieval models and TREC-style evaluations, these books help me understand the cognitive […]