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Beyond Total Capture: A Constructive Critique of Lifelogging

January 9, 2011


Beyond Total Capture: A Constructive Critique of Lifelogging is a CACM article on lifelogging where the authors surveyed current research on lifelogging and provided suggestions. I’ve been also interested in the idea of ubiquitous and automatic capturing of personal information since the Life-Optimization Project I did before joining UMass CIIR, so this was an interesting read for […]

Three Methods for Personal Information Access

December 9, 2010


Although many of previous literatures mostly focused single method for accessing personal information, the choice of access method can be different depending on user’s knowledge, preference, and many other factors.In this post, I intend to compare three access methods and think about how these can be combined in the single retrieval task. The three methods […]

Toward Repeatable Evaluation for PIM Research

December 2, 2010


It’s been a while since I started the research on PIM (personal information management), focusing on the retrieval of personal documents. The empirical verification of research finding is the holy grail of science in general and information retrieval in particular, however, evaluation of PIM research has been a challenging problem for several reasons. The Challenge […]

Why care about PIM?

November 7, 2009


Days ago I had a chance to have dinner with an executive of a big internet company. When I mentioned that PIM is my research interest, he told me that it’s not very interesting in any sense and I’d better give it another thought. To counter his argument and as an sequel of my earlier […]

Principles of Keeping Personal Information Effectively

October 4, 2009


PIM is arguably as much about the user as it is about the system, since the overall effectiveness is critically dependent on the right behavior of the user as well as the system, or the combination of both. Therefore, as a PIM researcher, I often think about what the best practices of doing PIM myself […]

Total Recall — A Future of PIM

September 20, 2009


The people behind MyLifeBits project, Gordon Bell and Jim Gammel, just published a book ‘Total Recall’ on their effort of creating digitized version of their memory (e-Memory as they call it). Their main point is that most people can (and will) keep almost complete record of what they see, hear and experience and this will […]

Book Review – Personal Information Management (1)

September 2, 2009


If you’re looking for a overview of current status of PIM research, the book titled ‘Personal Information Management’ by William Jones and Jaime Teevan is definitely the best (and maybe only) choice. I have known William Jones and his PIM research group in UW for a long time and they have pioneered the research efforts […]