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CIKM’10 Paper – Term Necessity Prediction

November 13, 2010


Query modeling — finding an optimal representation of query — has been a hot topic for IR research (at least in UMass) for recent years. In addition to a classic theme of query expansion, new papers on query reduction, query-term weighting, query structuring (based on document fields) has been published. We even had a lab […]

CIKM’10 Papers – Reverted Indexing for Feedback and Expansion

November 7, 2010


I haven’t been blogging for a while, yet several interesting papers in recent CIKM conference in Toronto motivated me to write something here. While lots of papers make incremental contributions by introducing additional features to existing models or by applying existing technique to new domain, there are papers that seem to be ‘groundbreaking’ in that […]

Retrieval Experiments in Pseudo-desktop Collections

September 2, 2009


My paper ‘Retrieval Experiments in Pseudo-desktop Collections’ (co-authored with my advisor Bruce Croft) will be presented in CIKM2009. It is about a new model of desktop search research, where we introduced ‘pseudo-desktop’ — a simulated desktop collection composed of automatically gathered documents and generated queries. The method to validate generated collection is suggested as well. […]

How would you search for your favorite movie?

August 25, 2009


How would you search for your favorite movie? I tried to answer this question in my paper ‘A Probabilistic Retrieval Model for Semistructured Data (download)’ , which was presented in ECIR’09 at Toulouse, France. In this problem, we can assume that collection is structured by many different fields (e.g. title, cast, genre, etc.) and users […]